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"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often"

Winston Churchill



The overarching driver in the development of Mongoose has been, and continues to be, enablement of enterprise-wide surveillance and real-time incident response.  Our team never set out to "do it all" in the form of yet another "whole product solution".  Instead, we deliver best of breed endpoint traffic monitoring that supplements existing best of breed network security platforms.  In combination, we can address the compelling security challenge presented by today's virtual enterprise as more and more of its operations migrate beyond the corporate perimeter. 


Mongoose in charge of off-net telemetry completes the circle of surveillance.

Mongoose is designed to combine the ultimate in distributed processing - delivering essential telemetry from across the enterprise - while utilizing extremely thin client technology that is virtually invisible. 


Hybrid flows combine standard flow content with packet statistics, source and destination domains and process identities.  Mongoose can be readily configured to align with flow formats for analytics.  Through real-time, remote control messaging, several levels of incident response can be exercised, including endpoint identification, payload capture, disconnection/reconnection with the Internet, and lots more.

Mongoose is NAT- and interface-agnostic, thereby providing unique tracking of endpoints, even when "buried" in a complex in-network or cloud topology.

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Network traffic monitoring and analytics provide (arguably) the most powerful weapons in cybersecurity, when applied across the entire network.  However, the network perimeter has now evolved to include, not only the corporate campus, but assets resident in the cloud and devices carried wherever employees, contractors and clients do business. 

As far back as 2006 we anticipated the off-net traffic monitoring challenge.  In 2010, our team came together to find a simple, invisible way to monitor and remotely control endpoints, anywhere.  More recently, we have addressed the critical need to monitor the traffic and initiate control of servers operating in the cloud.


Our mission is to close the "circle of surveillance" around the entire network perimeter.  Our approach is to deliver telemetry from cloud and/or mobile devices compatible with in-network taps, in real-time, for analytics, remote control and incident response.


Mongoose is an enabler to extend surveillance, beyond the traditional network perimeter, outwards to the "virtual" boundaries of the enterprise.

Mongoose is an adjacent technology best utilized in conjunction with mature, advanced traffic monitoring and analytics platforms.  By delivering telemetry from, and remote control of, assets outside the corporate perimeter, we can greatly strengthen the value proposition of partner platforms. 

closing the circle of surveillance


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